Medical Informatics Training at Harvard-MIT-Tufts/NEMC

Bob Greenes greenes at HARVARD.EDU
Mon Dec 7 19:03:13 EST 1992

               ***  Fellowships Available for AY 1993  ***


We are seeking qualified applicants for the Harvard Medical School, 
MIT, Tufts/New England Medical Center combined training program in 
medical informatics, for July, 1993 or later.

A number of different training options are offered, including:

Formal doctoral degree training (for both predoctoral and postdoctoral 
trainees) in: 

o   Medical Computer Science at MIT (under the direction of Prof. Peter 
    Szolovits), emphasizing medical knowledge representation, model 
        building, and clinical decision making

o   Health Decision Science at Harvard School of Public Health (under 
    the direction of Prof. Milton Weinstein), emphasizing decision 
    analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and outcome modeling

Research fellowship training (postdoctoral only):

o   Decision Systems Group, Brigham and Women's Hospital (under the 
    direction of Robert A. Greenes, M.D., Ph.D.), emphasizing clinical 
    decision making, medical educational strategies, clinical    
    guidelines, clinical record keeping, medical knowledge 
    representation and query (UMLS), radiologic image management, and 
    object-oriented software architectures for network-based application 

o   Laboratory of Computer Science, Massachusetts General Hospital 
    (under the direction of G. Octo Barnett, M.D.), emphasizing clinical 
    decision making, medical student education, student/physician 
    workstation design, problem-based knowledge access, ambulatory 
    computer-based medical record systems, and implementation/evaluation 
    of guidelines

o   Division of Clinical Decision Making, NEMC (under the direction of 
    Stephan G. Pauker, M.D.), emphasizing clinical decision making, 
    knowledge representation, and guidelines and outcome evaluation

o   Other special opportunities are also available to qualified 
    candidates in radiology informatics.

Predoctoral fellowship applicants must concurrently apply for admission 
to the MIT or Harvard degree program.   Postdoctoral applicants will 
usually have at least one year and preferably three years of residency 
training prior to beginning of fellowship.  

The combined training program offers a wide range of opportunities for 
education, research, and collegial interaction among the training sites.  
A large variety of course offerings at Harvard, MIT, and Tufts, many 
seminars, journal clubs, and other opportuities for exchange of 
information provide all trainees with opportunities to learn about the 
variety of work occurring at the various laboratories and in the 
affiliated institutions, as well as in the larger field of medical 
informatics.   A number of associated faculty participate in the 
program through the research activities of each of the training sites.  
In addition to the research programs of the participating laboratories, 
we encourage the fellows to develop projects that may involve unique 
collaborative relationships.

NLM-supported fellowships are available to U.S. permanent residents 
only.  For more information, contact the training program office:  

Medical Informatics Training Program
ATTN:  Robert A. Greenes, MD, PhD
Decision Systems Group, Brigham and Women's Hospital
75 Francis Street, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 732-6281           FAX:  (617) 732-6317
email:  greenes at harvard.edu

or the individual training program component directors via email at:

Barnett:      obarnett at hstbme.mit.edu
Greenes:      greenes at harvard.edu
Pauker:       sgp at cor.cdm.nemc.org
Szolovits:    psz at mit.edu
Weinstein:    mcw at biostat.harvard.edu

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