Networked printers

Ola Myklebost olam at radium.uio.no
Sat Dec 5 09:23:07 EST 1992

I am not an expert, but have learned so much that I can say that connecting 
Macs, PCs and workstations to the same printer is not trivial.

It depends on your network system, but we at least can share between macs and 
PCs a printer which can recognize the appletalk and parallel ports at the 
same time (NEC has one and others are coming). In this case you connect an 
etherprint box to the appletalk port and a PC server to the parallel port. 

We are part of a big network, and other machines (worksatations, VAXes etc) 
can print through a server system which I don't know too much about, except 
that the queues are taken care of by our DECstation server. 

I can give you email addresses to the experts if you wish.

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