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In article <1992Dec4.150623.2449 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk>, BIONET at FRCGM51.EARN writes:
>         What I'm looking for is a means for reading a Mac-formatted
> diskette on my PC. Does somebody knows of a peace of software, commercial
> or not, for this purpose?
MACtoDOS will do this. It is analogous to the apple file exchange, in that
you can't directly access the drive but must read the disks through the
program.  It will read write and format mac high density disks on a PC
high density drive.  For more info on it call, PLI at 1-800-477-7542 in the
states.  I'm sorry, I don't have a regular number for them but if you can't
get through, email me and I'll call them for an address or number.
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