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In article <1992Dec4.150623.2449 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk> BIONET at FRCGM51.EARN writes:
>        Dear fellow netters,
>        As everybody knows, there is no problem in reading a PC diskette on
>a Mac through Apple File Exchange.
>        What I'm looking for is a means for reading a Mac-formatted
>diskette on my PC. Does somebody knows of a peace of software, commercial
>or not, for this purpose?

This is fast becoming a FAQ!  The advice given last time was:

I posted this:

Try looking in the simtel archive:


The file MAC2IBM.ARC has a description that suggests it may be useful
for file exchange from a Mac disk to the PC.

And Jasper Rees, Oxford University (jasper at vax.path.ox.ac.uk wrote):

...Apple's PC Exchange. Originally billed as part
of System 7 it didn't make it in time and we got our first copies this week
with some new Macs. It is fully system 7 integrated, read/writes/initializes
DOS disks (high density anyway, I haven't tested a low density one, though I
have a drive somewhere if anyone feels they really want to know :)  and you
can configure it to display icons of data files for software where there is a
PC-Mac pair of versions. 

        It cost us 38 pounds sterling, probably costs US$38 therefore, and I 
imagine it will become part of system 7 at some time in the future, though at 
present that is a one copy - one machine license.

        Now this has *got* to better than Apple file exchange !

        So, check out your local Apple dealer!

        I guess it goes without saying - I liked it!

regards,     jasper


By the way, this information was retrieved by searching "Bionet News 
via WAIS" at Genbank.Bio.Net via the IUBio-Gopher.  Thanks again
to Don Gilbert.

I hope this is of some help,


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