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>Summary: Viewing images over the net.
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The mother of all gophers just put out a gif of their recent conference.

    11. big Ann Arbor gopher conference picture.gif <Picture>

On the Unix gopher if you press O (capital O) for options you get the 

                            Internet Gopher Options

  1. Pager Command         : less
  2. Print Command         : lpr
  3. Telnet Command        : telnet
  4. Sound Command         : /bin/false
  5. Mail Command          : mail
  6. 3270 Emulator Command : tn3270
  7. MIME pager            : metamail -p
  8. Image Viewer          : xloadimage -fork

       Press 1-8 to change a field, Return to accept fields and continue

For me at least the "xloadimage -fork" did not work so I pressed 8 to
change the option to "xv" and lo and behold I got a nice colour picture
of the folks who attended the conference. 

So what is the significance of being able to view pictures over the net?
Would it be useful? Is it desirable? What sort of scientific cooperation
would benifit from the possibility to share images over the net?
Tomography, Molecular modeling? 

Well at least one example springs to mind... in the latest AATDB distribution 
xv was included so you could view some pictures of different varieties of 
Arabidopis... so now it would be possible to do the same thing over the 

Oh yes, and by the way I did some experimentation on our gopher to see
just how stable the xv image viewing is. You can try it out if you
have xwindows capabilities by giving the command:

gopher finsun.csc.fi

and going into the option 5

5.  Finnish EMBnet BioBox/

In there you will find items 15 and 16. I have decided that it is time
that all my fans should finally see what I really look like... well here
is your chance:-)

      15. uncle Rob's Lonely Heart's Club Band (b/w) <Picture>
      16. uncle Rob's Lonely Heart's Club band (c) <Picture>

P.S. Rememember to setenv DISPLAY your.machine.name:0.0 so xv can open
     up a window to view the file.


P.P.S. Frank this is the silly season isn't it?
       I won't get shot for this?
       Will I?

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