Gelreader problems

Thomas Burglin burglin at opal.mgh.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 3 16:36:00 EST 1992

I just downloaded Gelreader 2.03  (we also had 2.0)
I carefully read the manual, but I am unable to get the program
to  calculate any Molecular Weights.  I have no problem gettting
mobilities , but whenever I switch the preferences to Molecular Weight,
the "Generate Report" menu stays greyed out, and I am not able
to calculate Molecular weights for unknowns.
The one example that worked was the example file with 12 lanes
and a template, but I have no idea why and how it worked.
Any info appreciated.  Is this a bug.
I am using this on a si with system 7.0.1, and I tried the
fpu version on a cx with system 7.0.1 with no succes either.
Any help appreciated.

Are there any other programs out there for the Macintosh
to determine easily the molecular weights of DNA fragments on
agarose gels from pictures ?


Thomas Burglin
burglin at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu

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