Software for calculating pI?

mbxfd at mips.nott.ac.uk mbxfd at mips.nott.ac.uk
Thu Dec 3 09:51:58 EST 1992

   Does anybody know of software to calculate the pI of peptides?  I have a
colleague who runs the departmental peptide synthesis/sequencing unit.  Some of
his longer peptides (>30residues) are difficult to clean up by RPHPLC, so
ion-xchange HPLC might be better.  If he knew the expected pI of the full
length paptide and the truncated contaminants he could design a separation. I
suppose you could do this with a speardsheet but is their a PD program, Mac or
Presumably there are difficulties with predicting pI if there is any secondary
structure in the longer paptides. Thanks.

Fergus Doherty,
Dept. Biochemistry,
Nottingham University, UK.

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