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Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Wed Dec 2 01:18:25 EST 1992

In <9212020117.AA05295 at net.bio.net> CZJ at CU.NIH.GOV writes:

>The Software Labs, a shareware source, lists a program called
>INTEXT.  I will just enter the blurb:

I had a look on nic.funet.fi for intext and found that it was available.

sun4 /pub/msdos 11> grep intext 00Index.all
intext12.zip    Intext v1.2A multi-lingual word processor

You can get it from a couple of directories listed below.

ftp> quote find intext12.zip
212-Matching case insensitively expr `intext12.zip'
212-Starting to parse /files/ALL_FILES database:
   -  266030 Feb 06 14:54 1992 pub/msdos/editors/editor/intext12.zip
   -  266030 Feb 06 14:54 1992 pub/msdos/SIMTEL20-mirror/editor/intext12.zip
212 End of analysis.  2 matches found.

So start up your anonymous ftp engine and get it... that is

ftp nic.funet.fi
login: anonymous
password: userid at host


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