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Tue Dec 1 20:13:42 EST 1992

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> >Does someone out there know of software which would allow typing
> hebrew characters on a Mac or IBM computer??
> A company called Davka specializes in Hebrew fonts (some 56 of
> them in their catalog).  They also sell specialized word processor
> software for editing/dictionary/thesaurus functions in
> Hebrew/English.
> I'm not aware of free fonts, sorry.  Anyone that is aware of them, I'd
> be interested, as well.
> The info for the company is as follows:
> Davka Corporation
> 7074 N. Western
> Chicago, IL  60645
> phone: 800-621-8227 or 312-465-4070
> Shalom
> Phil

The Software Labs, a shareware source, lists a program called
INTEXT.  I will just enter the blurb:

INTEXT is the forst trule multilingual word processor available through
shareware.  Developed over many years by multinational programmers,
INTEXT allows you to word process in any one of the following
8 languages: Arabic, European languages, Farsi, Gaelic, Greek,
Hebrew, Polish, and Russian.   This unique program has powerful
features but is easy to use because it allows you to view documents
on-screen before printing.  Supports Epson FX compatible printers,
IBM Proprinter, and compatibles, and Epson LQ printers.  Requires
512K and CGA or Hercules Graphics card.

Catalog Numbers

865 - Arabic
866 - European Languages
867 - Farsi
868 - Gaelic
869 - Greek
870 - Hebrew
871 - Polish
872 - Russian.

The cost is $ 3.69 each plus shipping and handling.  Since this is
shareware there is also the cost to the author if you like the
program.  The number for ordering is 800-569-7900
8:00am - 6:00 pm PST.

Jim Cassatt

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