Molecular graphics software for Sun system ?

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Mon Aug 3 12:17:24 EST 1992

In article <9207311403.AA01738 at neb.com> kumar at neb.com (Sanjay Kumar) writes:
>Sorry if this is a FAQ....

Yes, this is a FAQ.....but not on this newgroup :).  Refer to the FAQ list on 
comp.graphics or comp.graphics.visualization for a complete list of
molecule viewers.  There is a new section on molecular visualization.

>What software is available for viewing structures 
>encoded in PDB files on a SUN Sparcstation?

I assume you mean public-domain software (may be an invalid assumption wrong 
considering you have a .com email address).  I highly recommend XMOL 1.3 which
is available by anonymous ftp from ftp.msc.edu

>Thaks in advance.
>Sanjay Kumar
>New England Biolabs
>kumar at neb.com

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