Federal Form S-171 template

NOBLE FOUNDATION noble at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu
Mon Aug 3 11:51:00 EST 1992

I've noticed in some previous postings that templates have been constructed
to ease the filling out of laborious forms (i.e grant applications, etc..)
Another form which requires some time to fill out is the Federal Form S-171,
which is required if you want to apply for a government position.  If someone
has constructed a template in Microsoft Word (for Mac of Windows), would you
please direct me towards its source.  I have also heard that a company called 
?DataTech? has a similar offering ($50/1 person, $60/couple), but I'm not
sure if it's more than just a template.  It would also be nice to know if
forms generated from either of these formats are acceptable for submission
to the government agencies.

Would a TIFF (or other) image of the file suffice (with word processed text
superimposed upon it)?  Are there any other options suggested rather than
retyping or photocopying a new form each time?


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