our own sequence analysis workstation

Bryan Crawford bcrawfor at sol.UVic.CA
Mon Aug 3 20:45:33 EST 1992

I am posting this because I think that it likely that we are not
the first people to try to set up our own sequence analysis workstation,
and thus I may find some useful advice here.

I have obtained the FASTA and BLAST sequence analysis packages by anonyomus
ftp (Thank-you GenBank!) and will ftp the databases when our disk arrives.
My concern is that we will have a number of users who are unix-illiterate
if not computer-illiterate, so I will have to set up some sort of user
friendly interface.  Has anyone else out there done this sort of thing?
What advice can you offer a technophillic biologist with some C programming
experience and some unix experience?

We have a competent, but over-worked computing services department here,
so I would like to implement this with as little support from them as
possible, although I realize that some will be necessary, and am already
in contact with them regarding this.

What I am picturing is a purely character-based interface, which will
allow users to store and retrieve data files, do sequence alignments, 
translations, digests etc, without exposing them to the dreaded command

I'm sure this could (and probably should) be done as a shell script,
but I would prefer to use C, as that is what I am most comfortable with.
Does anyone have anything already written which I could modify, or am I
going to have to build this from the ground up?

Thanks for you support.


bcrawfor at Sol.UVic.CA  -- member of the society for simple .signatures (SSS)


bcrawfor at Sol.UVic.CA  -- member of the society for simple .signatures (SSS)

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