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"Rainer Fuchs ", EMBL Data Library Rainer.Fuchs at EMBL-HEIDELBERG.DE
Mon Aug 3 03:12:21 EST 1992

In article <4079 at blue.cis.pitt.edu.UUCP> Ethan J Benatan, ejbst4+ at pitt.edu
>I have found references to what look like very useful programs 
>on the WAIS sourse bionic-embl-software, but now I can't figure
>out how to get it.  The only address I have for the EMBL fileserver
>is NETSERV at EMBL.BITNET, which my mailserver tells me is an invalid
>host/domain name.  
>Please let me know if there is a new adress for the EMBL fileserver,
>or if it doesn't exist anymore, or whatever- thanks,

EMBL has moved from Bitnet to Internet at the beginning of this year. The new
addresses are of the form:
username at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

Therefore, to reach the file server, send mail to NetServ at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE.

Rainer Fuchs
EMBL Data Library
Fuchs at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

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