Needed -- an algorithm for depth sorting atoms and bonds

Philip Dutre philipd at cs.kuleuven.ac.be
Wed Aug 5 03:07:02 EST 1992

In article <1992Aug04.165450.5843 at bmerh85.bnr.ca>, kaustine at nbrwh42.bnr.ca (Mathew Kaustinen) writes:
|> In article <1992Aug3.175650.12582 at chpc.utexas.edu> noel at chpc.utexas.edu ((user name unknown)) writes:
|> >
|> >I am writing a program that displays a ball-and-stick model of a molecule.  
|> >I need an *efficient *algorithm which depth sorts the atoms and bonds 
|> >of a molecule.  I have all the necessary positional and connectivity 
|> >information.
|> >
|> >References, code fragments, rought outlines will be appreciated.
|> >
|> >Thanks in advance,
|> >-- 
|> Hmm... Ball-And-Stick Eh? You could write an small raytracing
|> program which only uses Spheres and Cylinders and 1 Bounce. - Just a
|> thought. (May not be efficient enough for you :()

I guess any depth-sorting algorithm will do. (I suppose you want to do some
kind of hidden surface removal?)

Foley & Van Dam contains some (efficient) algoritms.
Burger & Gillies "Interactive Computer Graphics" will do as well.

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