Lab stocks database: re-re-re-inventing the wheel

David A. Adler dadler at u.washington.edu
Fri Aug 7 14:48:55 EST 1992

I've just been asked for about the 100th time if I have software to organize  
freezer stocks. I know every lab in our building (1/4 mile hallway) has a  
different way of doing this. Many, I think use pencil and paper. When you get  
up to 10-15,000 samples this becomes a little tedious - enter the computer. I  
use DataPhile on the NeXT but of course this is not the most common hardware  
around. The current requester has a DOS machine and RBASE and was quoted  
$6,000. to have her freezer stocks' database created.

THE IMMEDIATE QUESTION: Does anyone have a sample stock database application  
for RBASE that they would be willing to share?
(BTW: there are some nice Mac based (Hypercard) solutions but this individual  
can't afford to go buy a Mac at this time)

THE BIGGER QUESTION: Should someone, let's say NIH, fund some lab management  
database development so that duplication and disaster can be avoided?
(What's $6,000 x the # of labs that need such software?)

I think discussion in this forum, or another in bionet (suggest alternative),  
would be valuable otherwise send email and I will summarize for the community.
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