software for oligo bookkeeping and calculations

Bo Servenius biogen10 at gemini.ldc.lu.se
Tue Aug 11 11:53:33 EST 1992

Dear Netters!

Have thought about putting together a Hypercard stack or an Excell
worksheet for my oligos, or maybe even better a Hypercard stack
linked to an Excel spreadsheet. Guess that someone already has
something like this so maybe I do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Features that could be handy would be:

* automatic calculation of length given an entered sequence

* automatic calculation of TM using simple ATGC count but also more
    sofisticated algorithms

* automatic calculation of the molar absorption and out from  the
   OD measurement getting the concetration in both pmols/ul and ug/ul

* good bookkeeping functions

* good search functions

Many thanks in advance for any commnts


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