Setting up Gopher on PC

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Tue Aug 11 13:19:35 EST 1992

> Problem:  How do you get a PC internet connection?

Ask your Computing Center for an IP address, get an ethernet card, 
ask the computing center for permission to drive the PC on the ethernet
and you are done. 

> At the moment we have to log into our VAX, then log into a DEC workstation
> which is connected to our computer centre at Imperial, via a campus ethernet.

That looks to me as if you missed the chance to log in to the DECstation 
from the beginning. The DECstation which people use to use here runs LAT and 
DECNET in addition to TCP/IP, and if you talk about kermit below, there 
is a kermit for the decstation as well. 

> I am getting tired of FTPing stuff onto the DEC machine, then KERMITing it
> onto my PC.  What I really want is to be able to FTP stuff onto my hard disk
> and to be able to use GOPHER.  Surely someone else has had this problem and

This looks to me as if it were typical for many biology implementations  
and sites (the shop here belongs to this sort of institute as well.) 
Do not forget that the setup described above means (1) ethernet cabling 
in the biology office, (2) a computing center able to maintain all that , 
(3) a full-staff member to help and organize the network, and - not to 
forget (4) a relatively large ammount of money to pay for all that.

If you want GOPHER, and have achieved (1) to (4), it would work like 
the following, as crossposted from another group. 
In article <rzlucy.8.713514943 at hikos.rz.uni-konstanz.de>, rzlucy at hikos.rz.uni-konstanz.de (Dierk Lucyga) writes:
|> In article <15umg8INNfvv at matt.ksu.ksu.edu.ans-relay> news at ans.net (News
|>  Administrator) writes:
|> >
|> >  I've got things setup on my PC but can't seem to telnet to it to
|> >access the gopher server.  When I run net091b.exe it start ok, at least I see
|> >no error messages.
|> >
|> >  I'm disappointed in the documentation for setting up autoexec.net.
|> >I don't know what all the commands and options do and I think my
|> >problem lies with the broadcast address I've used in the ifconfig
|> >command.  What is the broadcast address and how do I go about finding
|> >it?  I have an IP number for my machine and a name associated with it
|> >so that's not the problem.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
|> The docs are really quite bad - but free :-)
|> I played around with the PC Gopher Server for some weeks and this is what
|> I experienced:
|> 1. Use a client to connect to it (eg. PC Client 1.03)
|> 2. It's incredibly slow.
|> 3. It has much less capabilities than the UNIX server. (eg. No WHOIS)
|> 4. Here's my AUTOEXEC.NET
|> hostname hikos.rz.uni-konstanz.de       # my hostname (enter yours)
|> ip address []                # my hostip   (enter yours)
|> attach packet 0x61 pcn 5 1500           # use Packetdriver at 4614x
|> ifconfig pcn ipaddr netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
|>              # my ipaddr (enter yours)  take the same     (enter yours.255)
|> route add default pcn [] 1    # address of Gatewayserver
|> ip ttl 25
|> tcp mss 1500
|> tcp window 432
|> log \temp\goserv.log
|> start ftp
|> start telnet
|> start gopher
|> Dierk Lucyga           |  Internet: rzlucy at nyx.rz.uni-konstanz.de               
|> Infomation Manager     |  Bitnet:   RZLUCY at DKNKURZ1                             
|> Universitaet Konstanz  |                                                        
|> Postfach 5560          |                                                        
|> D-W7750 Konstanz       |  Tel.:     +49 7531 88 2404                            

Maybe this helps 


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