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>[stuff about GCG and Unix asked about]
>>Yes, the port does exist. We actually have it here so I can even confirm
>>positively that it also works. It runs on the Sun and Ultrix flavors of
>>Unix. My understanding is that it does NOT run on anything else. We have
>>it on Sparcstations, which by the way, are getting pretty cheap (until
>>you had the requisite 10 GB of storage).
>10 Gigs?  For how many users is this for?  
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I was being slightly facetious but I now realize that was out of place
because someone might have taken me seriously. I apoligize. We actually
have about 2 Gigs most of which is used, but our setup may not be standard.
I think 1 gig is minimum if you want the databases on disk (for now) the
disk requirement is of course rapidly increasing with time. 

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