PC Internet Connection & Gopher

Tue Aug 11 17:24:07 EST 1992

>Problem:  How do you get a PC internet connection?

>At the moment we have to log into our VAX, then log into a DEC workstation
>which is connected to our computer centre at Imperial, via a campus ethernet.
>I am getting tired of FTPing stuff onto the DEC machine, then KERMITing it
>onto my PC.  What I really want is to be able to FTP stuff onto my hard disk
>and to be able to use GOPHER.  Surely someone else has had this problem and
>solved it...

 1. A connection to internet requires that your computer be directly connected,
not through a modem. Either you will need an ethernet card installed in
your computer, and an ethernet line brought into your lab, or you will need
some sort of "gateway" that connects a network you are already running to
the internet. In either case, it is necessary that there be a nearby 
ethernet backbone you can hook into. Getting connection requires the services
of whoever adminstrates the campus internet connection.

 2. As an example, in our lab we ran about 40m of thicknet cabling from
an ethernet backbone two floors down. We bought a despr from DEC to make
a thicknet-thinet conversion. We then ran thinet to our macs and Iris, and
installed hardware ethernet cards in the macs. We then were assigned a
range of IP addresses for each computer by the network adminstrator, who
also put the names of the computers on the name server computer. We got
small accounts on a local unix machine to handle mail to the macs (POP 

 3. I cite the above to demonstrate that you will have to find someone
experienced in networking. Your vax is already connected to internet, so
the backbone is somewhere. The only question is if it already goes into
your building. Make a start by calling your cs office.

-Peter Markiewicz

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