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In article <92226.145022PSYANAG at BYUVM.BITNET> PSYANAG at BYUVM.BITNET writes:
>I am, once again, looking for Software on which to do Selective
>Attention research.  It must be able to present color images
>and measure reaction times.  It may be Mac or IBM compatable,
>commercial or otherwise.

Take a look at Walter Schneider's Micro Experimental Laboratory (MEL).
MEL is an integrated system that provides tools to code your experiment,
run the experiment, collect and store data, and analyze data.  It is quite
powerful and runs on IBM-PC compatibles.  Contact Psychological Software
Tools, Inc. for product information.  Also, I believe they have a demo they
will send to you.  Their address is 

     511 Bevington Road 
     Pittsburgh, PA 15221
     phone: (412) 244-1908

Here's a couple of descriptive type references:

Schneider, W. (1988). Micro Experimental Laboratory:  An Integrated system
    for IBM PC compatibles.  _Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, &
    Computers_, _20_, 206-217.     

Schneider, W. (1989). Enhancing a standard experiment delivery system (MEL)
    for advanced psychological experimentation.  _Behavior Research Methods,
    Instruments, & Computers, _21_(2), 240-244.

They also provide a library of sample experiments which are based on a 
number of classic paradigms (e.g., Sternberg task, simple reaction time,
mental rotation, category search, etc.) as well as a tutorial.

I have no interest in Psychological Software Tools but I use the product
and am quite satisfied with it.
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