PostScript level II

kuznetsov at embl-heidelberg.de kuznetsov at embl-heidelberg.de
Fri Aug 14 10:08:59 EST 1992

Hi, Bionetters!
I need to encode a bitmap image (created by my program as a rectangular 
array filled by color indices, actually it is an image of a protein) to 
PostScript file. I cannot do it with the standard PS (as it runs only 
monochrome-variable-scale images and colors are opaque). The only one 
solution (as I know) within the standart PS is the method of dithering,
but this way leads to loss of resolution. 
I heard about the extention to PS which gives the user possibility to
work with color bitmap images. On my best knowledge it is called 
PostScript level II. Can somebody give a pointer to a manual 
describing the new capabilities? 

Many thanks in advance,
Dmitry Kuznetsov

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