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Christopher P. Tully cptully at med.unc.edu
Mon Aug 17 15:20:03 EST 1992

In article <01GNKP7T67ZO8WWAXW at beloit.edu> JONESBB at BELOIT.EDU writes:
>The built-in screen capture for the mac has limitations.  It must capture the
>whole screen, it will only work in black and white mode (no shades of gray)
>and ti cannot capture pulled-down menus.
>There are other screen capture programs.  Try Black Box, which you can get by
>anonymous ftp from sumex.stanford.edu.  It is more than a screen capture
>utility, but that is one of its functions.
>Ben Jones,  BioQUEST

I don't know what version of mac system you're using, but I have done COLOR 
screen captures in a Mac IIsi amd Mac IIci running system7 with no trouble at
all.  I believe the key sequence is Command-Shift-3.  As for capturing the 
whole screen, so waht?  Just load the image into a good paint editor and cut
out the section that you want.

Chris Tully
cptully at med.unc.edu

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