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Subject: Re: Genbank services?
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SBAIRD at ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA (Stephen Baird) writes:
: Dear David Kristofferson,
: 	I am a little unclear as to what services Genbank will be
: offering to the public after the end of September. I gather the
: FASTA, BLAST, BLAZE and RETRIEVE e-mail servers will no longer be
: available.  Instead of these servers, researchers will be able to
: use the NCBI BLAST and RETRIEVE e-mail server as well as the
: various FASTA e-mail servers from the University of Houston's
: gene-server, EMBL, and PIR. I don't think BLAZE will be available

Correct, the BLAST and RETRIEVE e-mail servers are now operational at NCBI.
Documentation can be received by sending mail with the word 'help' in
the body of the message to:

blast at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

retrieve at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

: to anyone for free anymore.
: 	What about data submission?  Will Genbank still be the main
: North American public repository?  What about the FTP server and
: the Genbank database updates, will this be NCBI's responsibility?

Yes, NCBI is currently offering and will continue to offer anonymous
FTP access to GenBank (full release) and updates.  The host is:

The directory is ncbi-genbank.  It contains compressed files of the latest
public release.  A subdirectory, 'daily', contains the cumulative updates
made to the database since the last public release.  Another subdirectory,
'daily-nc' contains non-cumulative updates, i.e., each file contains a
single day's updates.  Currently, the files in 'daily-nc' contain only
NCBI Backbone sequence entries (from the scanned journal literature), but
will eventually be augmented with the daily updates from Los Alamos'
direct submissions.

Dennis Benson

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