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Wed Aug 19 19:38:00 EST 1992

In <9208191834.AA17577 at genbank.bio.net>  mathog at seqvax.bio.caltech.edu
(David Mathog) writes:

>I've just spent some time messing with NCBI retrieve.  The turnaround time
>for a request varied from 2 hours (17:00 PST) to 5 minutes (9:30 PST),
>which is fast enough.
>However, the service is a bit schizophrenic - it tries to be both a search
>service and a retrieval service, and so is not really very good at either.

I played with the retrieve service last week and I agree with David heartily.
Perhaps I am spoiled by the GenBank IRX server, and I would always prefer an
interactive search, but it seemed like a real pain in the neck to use.  David's
suggestions for separate search and retrieve services is an excellent start to
improve the NCBI server.  The "# of lines" information is crucial.  Also the
SEPARATE option for the retrieve service is an important addition.

Jerry Learn

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