Can anyone help us get ascii files out of the pclamp utilities?

Peter Bell pmb2 at ellis.uchicago.edu
Thu Aug 20 20:34:33 EST 1992

Hello, all--

I have just started using the Axon Instruments data analysis package, including
pCLAMP, FETCHAN, FETCHEX, pSTAT.  We would like to be able to export our
analysis to software other than pSTAT.  According to the manual, it is possible
to generate files with the extension .PAF which are in ascii format.  

Currently, it seems that only in pSTAT is there a .PAF  extension mentioned-- I
cannot find anything in pCLAMP, FETCHAN or FETCHEX which will let me take one 
of the raw data files and output the event list as anything other than an .EVL.

In case it matters, I am recording from black lipids, collecting the data on 
videotape, playing it into a Zenith 386 and using the package to record the 
data and then analyze it.  It would help if we could transport the data 
to spreadsheets, other graphics packages and other computers;  the .EVL files
are in binary and are useless when I force them through, for instance, Apple
File Exchange.

Is there a binary decoder that I might be able to use to translate the .EVL 
files, if there is no way to save the analysis as ascii?  This would be helpful
to avoid reanalyzing the raw data, actually....

Thanks for any help!  I will email or post a summary of responses if there are 
any or many requests.

Peter Bell
pmb2 at midway.uchicago.edu

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