EPS from Unix to Mac (Was Re:gcg)

Oberste oberste at fcs260c.ncifcrf.gov
Thu Aug 20 12:02:19 EST 1992

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>   I don't think that you will be able to modify an EPS file, whether or
>not it has a resource fork.  Certainly, you won't be able to modify it as
>vector objects.  If that's your desire, you'll have to write HPGL files
>from GCG, import into a program that can import this format (Corel Draw and
>I believe that the newest version of Hijack (also for Windows) does) and
>then export as a pict to get it to Canvas or MacDraw.

Get HP2PICT from ftp.bio.indiana.edu. It will convert an HPGL file to PICT
format which can then be edited in your draw program (we use SuperPaint with
good results). Each object in the original HPGL file is rendered as an 
individual object in the PICT file, allowing editing of individual elements.

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