X-Windows for the Mac !

Alexander Godknecht rzugo at unizh.ch
Wed Aug 26 08:06:18 EST 1992

I use MacX (Version 1.1.7) as X-Windows Server on my 
Mac II ci (21", 32 MB RAM). It is very comfortable to
use, easy to configure and not very expensive. I tested it on a 
Mac II si (13", 17 MB RAM) and it worked satisfactory.
MacX allows rooted (clients Window-Manager) and unrooted
(Mac-Window-Manager) environements simultaneously. The amount of
Memory required depends on the number of open windows. 
Apples default settings are 1.5 MB, I raised it to 6.5 MB but never
really need all of it. 

Best regards,

Alexander Godknecht
Rechenzentrum Univ. Zuerich
e-mail: rzugo at rzu.unizh.ch

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