Mac to PC disk utility?

Thu Aug 27 13:57:00 EST 1992

All Macs come with the Apple File Exchange utility.  That lets you read, write,
and format IBM 3.5" diskettes in the Mac drive.  You may have to save your data
in a text-only file that can be read by the target application on the IBM.

The Apple File Exchange is an application, and you must run it in order to move
anything on or off the IBM floppy.  If you don't mind paying for a utility, you
might be interested in DOS Mounter, which is an INIT.  If that is in your system
folder, then when you put a DOS diskette into the drive, it is recognized as
a DOS disk and is mounted on the desktop just like a Mac disk.  DOS mounter
converts the format on the fly.  It is also available with translation software
so that it can also translate between two different applications on the fly as
well, such as between Lotus and Excel.  That is, once you configure it, when
you open a DOS disk that has a Lotus file on it, you see an icon for an Excel
file.  You can double click on it and it will launch Excel, you can make your
changes, save it and close it, and then take the disk back to your IBM and 
open it in Lotus.

I understand that there may be another similar commercial package as well.
In general, all three are capable of using translation software (such as the
MacLink Translators) which convert the FILE format as well as move files back
and forth between floppies.

Ben Jones, BioQUEST

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