object-oriented BASIC???

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Thu Aug 27 07:08:08 EST 1992

YES!  BASIC can be OOP.  Originally, BASIC was seriously flawed as one
could just write anything one wanted without regard to format or structure.
 Recently, the Microsoft (and a few others) modified BASIC in such a way so
that one would be "coaxed" into an OOP format -- thus the QuickBasic
Compliers were born.  I can attest to this from personal experience. 
Subroutines in QuickBasic become what are called modules, where a program
is actually a collection of modules held together with a central program. 
Many books on advanced QuickBasic programming exist which allow one to
setup 'pop-up' windows and make your program easier on the eye and the
end-user.  However, when BASIC (through Quickbasic) was going through this
evolution, C came along and I know of a number of BASIC programmers who
jumped ship.   By the time BASIC became OOP, C had grabbed a good portion
of the programmers.   I never did switch as I have too dog-gone much stuff
(both Science and non-science) in BASIC and would be too 'costly' to
switch. BTW - regular BASIC programs will operate in the QuickBasic
environment.  I should take some of this back - like the word
"recently".... now that I think about it, the last version of QuickBAsic to
come about was around 1987 if I'm not mistaken... 

To answer your question, Yes, BAsic can be OOP through the QuickBasic Compiler.
Easily obtained at your local discount Software store, PC-MAG, Egghead...

Happy programming...


Disclaimer: I'm not employed by any software house or Microsoft, especially 
Microsoft since they are in Seattle...

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