Mac to PC disk utility?- Watch out with

Blaine Stine stine at jeeves.ucsd.edu
Mon Aug 31 17:05:59 EST 1992

In article <4973 at news.duke.edu> adm at neuro.duke.edu (Alan Magid) writes:
>Another INIT that I favor for the purpose is AccessPC (Insignia,
>publishers of SoftPC).
>Almost ideal for the purpose though is MacLink/PC. (Dataviz). A cable
>between the Mac and PC + a zillion file translators. Very smooth, fast,
>and solid. $135 at our college computer shop. MacConnection has it
>for mail-order purchase, for example.
>Disclaimer: one man's opinion only. I have no connection with any of
>the named enterprises. Just trying to help.
>-Alan Magid

Well we just purchased AccessPC (2.0) and there is a MAJOR
incompatibility with 128 meg Magneto Optical drives. I know
their manual lists all the 128meg drives that the MultiDriver
is supposed to be compatible with but *beware* if you follow
the instructions and do the following:

1) Format the MO disk on the PC using whatever software came
with the drive. Copy files to it (I copied a bunch of TIFF

2) Install AccessPC on your Mac and hook up the MO. The
partitions will mount, you can open the files (I used Photoshop
2.0), save the changes.

3) Go back to the PC and you will not be able to read or write
to the MO disk!

4) Go back to the Mac, mount the PC disk and the files will
be corrupted.

I haven't figured out what AccessPC is doing to the disk and if
the changes can be fixed on the PC with Norton or something, but
basically it dosen't work like they say it does. I called
Insignia about and got the run-around from three people before
someone gave me some straight talk and said the developer tested
the the driver with an IBM 128 MO mechanism only! Even though
it says directly in the manual it is compatible with the Sony
301. So now I'm awaiting a patch that is "supposed to fix the 
compatibility problem". Also their Media Formater does not work
with the Sony 301 either......So if you have a 128MO and want to
use AccessPC with it be sure you have a handy backup ready!

Blaine Stine
awaiting a patch...
stine at jeeves.ucsd.edu

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