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Wed Apr 1 10:47:00 EST 1992

>I am interested in running some Mac programs obtained from ftp sites. These
>programs usually have .hqx extensions (like .uue or .arc in PC files). So
>I wonder how I can get programs to decode/uncompress them. I have access
>to the network through a PC (not Mac) which means I have to get these >utility
>programs through PC and then transfer to Mac. Is there a way of doing this?
>Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

The received .hqx file on the PC will probably contain control characters
for linefeeds which will have to be removed after getting the file onto 
the Mac. After receiving the file, it can be copied to a 1.4 meg 3.5"
diskette and read directly in a superdrive-equiped Mac using Apple File
Exchange, Dayna's Dos Mounter or Insignia's Access PC.  Alternatively, it 
can be copied over a network, if available.  Once in the Mac, the control
characters can be stripped by the shareware program MacSink, or the
commercial version called Vantage, from Baseline software.  An excellent

commercial program which can do this and also interconvert many PC/IBM file
types is MacLink Plus from Data Viz.  Once you have the file in straight
text format, it can be decoded using Stuffit as suggested in a previous

-Disclaimer: no connection with any of the above companies.

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