Japanese server available? ...address?

Sanzo Miyazawa smiyazaw at smlab.eg.gunma-u.ac.jp
Mon Apr 6 06:28:46 EST 1992

In article <9203311620.AA00908 at fermat.Mayo.EDU>, peters at MAYO.EDU writes:
> I would like to know if the Japanese Server is still available
> and if so what the current address is.  I tried to use the last address
> which was posted during the last half of 1991, but "host is unknown"...
> The last address I have is:
> 	flat-netserv at smlab.eg.gunma-u.ac.jp
> What is the current address and is it still available?
> Thanks much,
> Ken Peters
> peters at mayo.edu
> Please reply to my mail address indicated above, as well as any posting to
> the list, as we have intermittent network problems and I sometimes do not
> receive the biosci messages.

	It is still available, however, unfortunately smlab.eg.gunma-u.ac.jp is
	not directly IP-reachable from sites outside of Japan; it is connected
	to the Internet but IP-reachable only from sites within Japan.
	(You could not directly login or ftp my system directly from your site,
	if your site is located outside of Japan.)
	Of course, e-mail can reach my site without any problem.

	So e-mail server at my site is still working.
	Please send a empty mail to flat-netserv at smlab.eg.gunma-u.ac.jp 
	and then you will get a brief manual of how to use this server.

	Anonymous-ftp service at my site is therefore unavailable now.
	I hope my site will soon become IP reachable from outside of Japan.

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