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Gary Williams x3294 gwilliam at crc.ac.uk
Tue Apr 7 06:14:17 EST 1992

> From: weemba at libra.wistar.upenn.edu (Matthew P Wiener)
> Somebody here is looking for MAPMAKER [1], a program to construct primary
> genetic linkage maps.  The reference says it is available for the asking.
> FTP, e-mail, whatever--the VMS version is preferred to the Unix version.

If you write to:

Mapmaker Requests, c/o The Lander Lab, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research,
9 Cambridge Centre, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142, USA

you will be sent an application form.

The last copy of the form we have gives the cost as being:
$1.00 license fee
$50.00 distribution media fee ($25.00 for  SUN and IBM PC floppy disks)
$5.00 shipping ($20.00 overseas)

The documentation says about the VMS version:

"VAXes have shown a high level of site-specific problems and incompatibilities between different
versions and configurations. A VMS system site manager may need to help you install Mapmaker"

We have had no trouble with the Unix version.

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