gene mapping DB manager

Genetic Jones jprovo at Gnu.ai.mit.edu
Mon Apr 6 15:00:22 EST 1992

Greets - I do consulting on hack/admin matters for a cellbio lab which does
much many imag processing.  I am trying to help them get into the datasphere
and am in need of some program that I am assured by my main liason-person [he
speaks some hacker-ese, I speak very little bio] would be referred to as a
physical mapping and ordering database manager.

I've been vaguely piecing this together in my head and know how I would write
one [simply] w/o a nice, friendly UI.  But since many lab denizens are not too
computer-oriented, I'd NEED a friednly UI.  

So, has anyone got one of these I could port to an sgi *IX box?  Or do I have
to find a commercial package?  If there is only a commercial package available,
then I'll write one, so what features would people want in it? [either in
hackspeak that I can comprehend or biospeak that can be deciphered for  me
please! ;-)]


joe provo

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