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Wed Apr 8 14:15:00 EST 1992

Here's a summary of responses I got from my posting for anatomy 

From:	IN%"DUBINSE at DUVM.OCS.DREXEL.EDU"  "Steve Dubin" 17-MAR-1992 13:15:49.83

There is quite a good bit of "upscale" anatomy software available such as
the "Slice of Life" videodisk.  A very good place to look for this is
at the software gallery at the Lister Hill Center of National Library
of Medicine.
At the other end of the scale, I made a program called "Anatomiser"
for the Macintosh a few years ago. This has both an authoring and
student versions and I have done about 12 lessons. To show you how
lean it is, it can live happily on a 128 K Mac. If you are Mac
oriented and want to try it, send me a formatted diskette and a
return mailer.
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From:	IN%"PARSONS_A at snd01.pcr.co.uk" 19-MAR-1992 03:57:23.04

Saw your posting on anatomy s/ware.  I have seen one product which is pretty
neat - called Micrografx Portfolio which has lots of clipart type libraries
of human anatomy.  The product runs under Windows and is sold by Micrografx
Inc. (a US company - sorry I dont have the address) and was written by
Patrick Leary and Bill McGrane.  Hope this helps you track it down.

From:	IN%"mbieda at boromir.stanford.edu" 17-MAR-1992 17:50:21.41

 In my opinion as a student, a program used here at Stanford to teach neuroanatomy to medical students is really fantastic. It's called BRAINSTORM, and is available for Macintosh computers. If you are interested, you might try contacting the
medical school. I am not sure if the program is commercially available.
I believe it was developed here.

Also, there is a less sophisticated program called Hyperbrain.
But I don't have experience with that one.

From:	IN%"voxel at telico.bioc.aecom.yu.edu" 19-MAR-1992 10:01:41.05

About anatomy software:  somebody gave a demo/seminar about the Brain
Browser-- if you need more info on this I'll dig up the announcement or
give you a description.
- Michael Cammer
From:	IN%"rwb at castle.edinburgh.ac.uk"  "Richard Bingham" 19-MAR-1992 21:20:20.05

I suggest you ask cticm at bristol.ac.uk (the Computers in Teaching
Initiative Centre for Medicine) which maintains a directory of
teaching software in human & veterinary medicine.  There are certainly
laserdiscs of pictures in human anatomy (I've seen one on the knee),
though these are likely to be in PAL rather than NTSC format.  However
the people at Bristol should be able to tell you, and they seem fairly
knowledgeable about US software too. 

From:	IN%"scottl at deakin.OZ.AU"  "William Laidlaw" 30-MAR-1992 17:42:51.90

I've heard of a program called BODYWORKS, which runs on a IBM-PC.  The phone 
number is CEN (02) 9576020.  However I don't know if this Australia, America 
or whereever! Another source is a magazine/ catalog called INTELLIMATION 
which has software for the MacIntosh.  According to the catalog their 
address is 
		Attn: Dept. HIGHER ED
		P.O. Box 1530
		Santa Barbara CA 93116-9954

Phone number is 1-800-3-intell


From:	IN%"nenno at rhrk.uni-kl.de"  "Mario Nenno [Biologie]" 29-MAR-1992 09:28:29.95

Hallo Eric,
to your question about software for teaching/studying human
anatomy I think I can give you only a small hint.
Here in germany there is a program for PCs called 'PC Mensch'
(engl. 'PC man'or 'PC human') which shows in a nice graphicals enviroment
some basics in anatomy. But I think it is more commercial than
scientific. Maybe this program exists in the US under another
name, too.


Thanks to all who responded!

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