non-commercial OCR software

Fri Apr 10 06:51:28 EST 1992

Does anyone out there who is more familiar with internet resources or
clever people know of some non-commercial (e.g. freeware, shareware)
optical character recognition software that will run on a Mac under
System 7? I have access to a scanner and a primitive (no superdrive)
Mac II but the only OCR software I know about is $$$.  I want to run
some tests on text entry and manipulation for a project in quantitative
history of genetics in the post-war period. I have compiled data for a
"map" of about 16 major geneticists (research relationships of scholarly
works) but the data entry is massive.

Thanks for any help.

Kate McCain                       "Die Gedankenexperimente sind Frei!!"
College of Information Studies
Drexel University

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