Server for Netfind is ready!

Dan Jacobson danj at WELCHGATE.WELCH.JHU.EDU
Fri Apr 10 10:55:55 EST 1992

There were MANY requests for a Netfind server so I wrote Mike Schwartz a note
asking if it there were plans for such a server.  He replied that it was 
something they had thought about and were working on and hoped to have it up and running soon.  Well it's ready - I'm including the blurb Mike sent me and a sample session.

Many Kudos go to Mike and his group for Netfind, both the source code and the 
Best of luck to all,

Dan Jacobson

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu


The netfind Internet white pages tool now supports a server.  This
allows users who don't have a Sun to use netfind to locate people on the
Internet.  You can try it out by telnet'ing to bruno.cs.colorado.edu and
logging in as "netfind" (with no password).  The code is available by
anonymous FTP from ftp.cs.colorado.edu, in pub/cs/distribs/netfind.

I have also set up a mailing list for people who want to be informed about
new releases.  To get on the list, please send mail to
netfind-users-request at cs.colorado.edu
 - Mike

Note:  I wrote a one line script which will log you in automatically (if you have the rlogin command installed - some Unix systems don't)

"rlogin bruno.cs.colorado.edu -l netfind"

Put this in a file, say netfind-server, (DON'T include the quotes "")
and make that file executable:

type "chmod 700 netfind-server" <RETURN>      (Again this is for Unix boxes)

Then to login to the server type "netfind-server" <RETURN>

If you don't have rlogin just use telnet and login as netfind.

Welcome to the University of Colorado Netfind server.

Search/Quit/Help [s/q/h]: h     (h for help, s for search, q for quit)

Search/Quit/Help [s/q/h]: s
Enter person and keys --> brewster think
( 0) check_name: checking domain dev.think.com. Level = 0
( 1) check_name: checking domain think.com. Level = 0
( 2) check_name: checking domain ttank.com. Level = 0
NOTE:   The domain 'ttank.com' appears not to be on the Internet.
        Netfind can only locate people with accounts on Internet hosts.
        (Continuing search, in case connectivity information is wrong.)
MAIL IS FORWARDED TO brewster at think.com
( 1) check_name: think.com has been checked
NOTE:   The domain 'dev.think.com' appears not to be on the Internet.
        Netfind can only locate people with accounts on Internet hosts.
        (Continuing search, in case connectivity information is wrong.)
Search of domains completed. Proceeding to search of hosts.
( 1) check_name: checking host rachmaninoff.dev.think.com. Level = 0
( 3) check_name: checking host strident.dev.think.com. Level = 0
( 4) check_name: checking host aeolus.dev.think.com. Level = 0
( 5) check_name: checking host yggdrasil.dev.think.com. Level = 0
( 6) check_name: checking host wotan.think.com. Level = 0
( 7) check_name: checking host agrius.think.com. Level = 0
( 8) check_name: checking host underprize.think.com. Level = 0
( 9) check_name: checking host mjolnir.think.com. Level = 0

(stuff deleted...)

SYSTEM: quake.think.com
        Login name: brewster                    In real life: Brewster Kahle
        Directory: /users/menlo-park/brewster   Shell: /bin/csh
        Last login Thu Apr  9 18:29 on ttyc
        New mail received Fri Apr 10 07:09:37 1992;
          unread since Thu Apr  9 18:56:08 1992
        Brewster Kahle                                  Thinking Machines Corporation
        Brewster at Think.com                              245 First Street
        Project Leader                                  Cambridge MA 02142
        Wide Area Information Servers                   617-234-2874 (or -1000)

( 8) check_name: quake.think.com leads us to 8 other machines
( 3) check_name: checking host admin.ripon.edu. Level = 1
( 7) check_name: checking host loma-prieta.think.com. Level = 1

(stuff deleted...)

Continue the search ([n]/y) ? --> n
Search/Quit/Help [s/q/h]: q


That's it - pretty simple right?
Again Kudos to Mike et al.



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