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LHa for UNIX Version 1.00 has been posted to fj.sources.
It is also available on some anon-ftp sites in Japan.

(From archie)
Host theta.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp   (
    Location: /local
      FILE      rw-rw-r--     88479  Apr  2 13:52   lha-1.00.tar.Z

Host ftp.kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp   (
    Location: /utils
      FILE      rw-r--r--     93221  Apr  3 16:40   lha-1.00.tar.Z

Unfortunately, some of the documents are written in Japanese.
But even without these documents, I suppose you can easily port it
to your machines.

Known problems of the version are:

1) If you have Suns with OS4.0.3, you must not add -DUSESTRCASECMP
   to the compiler option (A bug in the document).

2) If your compiler cannot recognize `void', you may have a problem
   in util.c. Then you must remove the line 199 of the file.

If you have any troubles, mail to me. Thanks & enjoy.
Sorry for my troubled English.... I'm a typical Japanese.
UEHARA, Tetsutaro / JUNET:tetsu at kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp / NIFTY:TAE02013
TEL:+81-75-753-5394 / FAX:+81-75-753-4829

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