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Francis OUELLETTE francis at cs.mcgill.ca
Wed Apr 15 07:24:45 EST 1992

In article dje at matt.ksu.ksu.edu (Daniel Jay Enebo) writes:

>We are looking for info and opinions on molecular biology software packages fo
>r PC clones.  We have a 33/386 and use Windows 3.1.  What is available out the
>re?  Anything like MacVector??  What about GeneWorks?? We need all the standar
>d features: plasmid construction, RNA folding, protein analysis (ie. hydrophob
>icity etc.), PCR primers, seq. alignment, sequence project management, etc.
>Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The only "molecular_biology_related_software" that I know that run
under MS-Windows are MACAW (available from your favorite FTP site) and
Entrez (only available as a beta version at this time fom NCBI).

MACAW is a multiple sequence editor/alignment tool, and Entrez is a 
relational medline/genbank retrieval tool (which also require a CD-ROM
drive).  Both of these products are from NCBI actually, and I found
that MACAW lacks a good user manual.  If there is one out there,
_please_ let me know.  My users (and myself ;-) need all the manuals
we can get!

best of luck,


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| Manager, Yeast Chromosome I Project
| Dept of Biology, McGill University, Montreal, Qc, Canada
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