Unix shell for Macintosh??

Daniel E. Weeks dweeks at WATSON.HGEN.PITT.EDU
Wed Apr 15 09:14:28 EST 1992

RE: Unix-like shell program for the Macintosh


I am looking for public-domain or inexpensive software
for the Macintosh which would allow me to run "batch
jobs" or csh shell programs.  Specifically, I would
like to be able to use a csh-like script on the Mac
to call programs that I have written.  I would like
these programs to run in the background under Multifinder
so that I can continue to use my Macintosh while they
are running.  I almost figured out how to do this with MPW,
except that the programs couldn't run in the background.

More specific questions:
 1) Does anyone have experience with MINIX on the Macintosh?
 Will that allow me to do this?

 2) I haven't tried System 7 yet.  Is there something in
 there that would allow me to run "batch jobs"?

Thank you for your help and advice.

  -- Dan Weeks --

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