3D image reconstruction from 2D projections?

brownt1 at lincoln.ac.nz brownt1 at lincoln.ac.nz
Wed Apr 15 19:49:57 EST 1992

In article <1992Apr15.220142.19529 at cco.caltech.edu>, sasha at cco.caltech.edu (Alexander Zeyliger) writes:
> I was just given a project on 3D image reconstruction from 2D projections.
> However, I am having problems locating an efficient algorithm that does that.
> If you know anything about it and don't mind, please send me email or post
> a note to this newsgroup.

I'm in the middle of something along those lines.  I have digitised plan 
and elevations of tree root systems, and i want to re-create the three 
dimensional structure.  As I have plan and elevation, all the information 
is there, it's just a matter of matching the bits.  This is a major task 
though, the 'images' are very large collections of strings of line 
segments (Terracad export format i think).  If there's anything out there 
on getting three dimensional data from slightly mis-matched plan and 
elevation data, I'd be very interested.

I'm not sure if your problem is exactly the same, are you dealing with 
structured data or bitmaps (images).  Anyway, if your request doesn't
bring forth anything here, comp.graphics would probably be the place to

Cheers -tb
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