Molecular Biology Software for Windows

Francis OUELLETTE francis at cs.mcgill.ca
Thu Apr 16 07:52:35 EST 1992

First dje at matt.ksu.ksu.edu (Daniel Jay Enebo) writes:
>>We are looking for info and opinions on molecular biology software packages fo
>>r PC clones.  We have a 33/386 and use Windows 3.1.  What is available out the
>>re?  Anything like MacVector??  What about GeneWorks?? We need all the standar
>>d features: plasmid construction, RNA folding, protein analysis (ie. hydrophob
... [other good features deleted] ...

then Chris_Upton at darwin.biochem.ualberta.ca writes:
>PC GENE from Intelligenetics would be one commercial package to check out.
>I don't think it NEEDS Windows. It's sort of the PC version of GeneWorks.

PC/Gene doesn't NEED windows, and is actually not meant to work under
windows.  It is a "standard" (what was it the IG people told me once?
... "vanilla flavor!") DOS application wich works within the 640K of
RAM.  It is *not* supported under windows, although it would be a good
idea.  IG (Intelligenetics) may be looking at a windows version (as can
be seen from a custumer survey they did a while back), but I don't
think you should hold your breath for that one ...

If you really want the GUI (graphical user interface) you should stick
to the MACS at this point.  If you want the power, you should be
looking at a workstation.  If you want to use you 386 PC, PC/Gene is
good, but don't expect nice graphics (although there is limited mouse
support, but that does _not_ make it a GUI!).

best of luck,


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