HyperChem Mol. Modelling SW

Thu Apr 16 14:33:14 EST 1992

Hi Netters,
   Because of the traffic lately about Molecular Modelling Software for the PC 
and in general, I'll pass this on:  Perhaps some of you have seen the very 
splashy, colorful, and somewhat bizarre ads for an Autodesk product 
called HyperChem.  I bit and ordered the demo and despite some infantile intro 
screens, it is an intriguing bit of work.  In a word, it's sort of an 
Insight/Discover (very) Lite. But!

   1) It's Windows based and therefore linkable to spreadsheets, and other 
Windows programs (and in fact you can [supposedly] write macros in Excel to 
execute HyperChem functions). It also looks very easy to use.
   2) It required a _BIG_ PC. While the brochure says you can runit on a 386 
with 4 MB, I couldn't see running it on anything less than a fast 486 with
8MB and a Windows Accelerator for any useful work. 
   3) Besides the display stuff, it [thinks it] can do minimizations and 
energy calculations, displaying the interim structures as it does so. It was 
a canned demo, so I don't think that the calculations that it displayed were 
actually being done - if they were, it would be acceptable speed (on a 25MHz 
   4) And this is the the good news - I just got off the phone to Autodesk 
for the pricing and for 90 days the intro price for academics is $600, not 
cheap, but not bad considering the real price will be $3500.

   All in all, for those who want to play with or need to display molecules, 
have a big PC and don't want to pay for an Indigo and Insight/Discover 
(academic combos would probably start at about $12,000), it's worth a look at
the demo and certainly try to play with a working version.   The number is 1
800 424 9737 for info. 

   I called Autodesk and the demo is uploadable if people are interested.

   Std disclaimers apply.

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