3D image reconstruction from 2D projections?

smith at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu smith at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu
Thu Apr 16 18:43:07 EST 1992

In article <1992Apr15.220142.19529 at cco.caltech.edu>, sasha at cco.caltech.edu (Alexander Zeyliger) writes:
> I was just given a project on 3D image reconstruction from 2D projections.
> However, I am having problems locating an efficient algorithm that does that.
> If you know anything about it and don't mind, please send me email or post
> a note to this newsgroup.

Well it is not really clear what you want.  CT scanners used now for more 
than 15 years in medical diagnosis work by generating 3D images from 
projections.  I assume you know this: the text books are in the library.

If you are looking for canned programs which will do CT-type reconstructions 
from projections I am sure they are available from many places.  We have 
written programs for image processing which do reconstructions from projections 
(amongst many other things).  These are available from the DECUS library: 
submission V00535 for VAX/VMS or Ultrix.  The package is called MDPP.

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