Chromatography integrator

Yvan Rahbe rahbe at jouy.inra.fr
Fri Apr 17 06:22:43 EST 1992

Dear netters,

We are looking for a MacIntosh software dedicated to Chromatogram management
(peak recognition & integration -automatic and manual corrections-, zooming
facilities...). We do not need the acquisition module of a full HPLC package,
but if there is one that is cheap enough and reasonably powerfull, it is
welcome. We therefore need to have information on the format of data that feed
this integration package.

Does anyone know of a freeware or shareware product doing this on Mac?
Any information on commercial package for the Mac would interest us.
(Of course, there are plenty of commercial Chromato-softs for the PCs)

Any hint on a way of finding this kind of information on the net would also be
apreciated (I have ftp access, gopher and wais on the Mac. But what server
would respond positively to such a request?)

Please answer by mail, and I'll forward an abstract of relevant answers   to
this group.


Yvan Rahbe
INRA-INSA Biologie 406
20, ave A. Einstein F69621 Villeurbanne cedex
fax:    +33 - 72 43 85 11
e-mail: rahbe at lyon.inra.fr

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