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>Sorry if I missed it in scanning through the "long postings", but could
>give some more info on this?
>Chris Upton
>University of ALberta
>From a prev posting:
>>>ACEDB is really an excellent piece of software. I will support it for 
>another university here on my machine so that they can use it across 
>the net. This is already a typical example: The group is 15 people, and 
>they have budgets for a workstation only next year. But even if they had 
>it now, they are totally depending on external help for system management
>and maintenance.<<

Thanks to all those who replied by E-mail.....  I know there must be others who
are curious, so here's a sample of the answers:

Date: Mon, 20 Apr 92 17:00:38 PDT
From: bake at enzyme.Berkeley.Edu (Barbara Baker)
To: Chris_Upton at darwin.biochem.ualberta.ca
Subject: Re:  What's ACEDB?

ACEDB : A C. Elegans Data Base.
This database was developed, I _believe_, in Sulston's lab at
the MRC. It runs on Sparcstations, and more recent work allows
it to run on DECs,VAXs,SGIs, and (yes!!) NeXTs.
The database contains all sorts of information on cosmids, YACs,
RFLP data, mapping data, genetic data, bibliographic data, and even
can contain scanned images. I have heard of it because a group
at Harvard/MGH has modified to become AATDB (A Arabidopsis Thaliana
Data Base). A Mac version will be available this year and will
be distributed on CD-ROM.
 Brian Osborne Plant Gene Expression
   Center bake at enzyme.berkeley.edu

ACEDB is A C. Elegans DataBase.

It is a wonderfull piece of software wich encompasses all of the C.
elegans  genome information, all the genetic maps, all the physical
maps, and all the sequences.  It was initially created for the Sparc,
but I think it has now been ported to other workstations.  It is
mentioned a little in the recent Nature article about the C. elegans
sequencing project (Sulston et al, Nature 356:37-41).  I don't have it
here at this time (my sparc is not on the net yet) but I will soon.
It could easaly be said that this software is essential for all C.
elegans biologist.  The beauty is that it is possible to use it for
other "genome" projects ...  but I will tell you how this works a bit
latter ;) ...

all the best,


| B.F. Francis Ouellette
| Manager, Yeast Chromosome I Project
| Dept of Biology, McGill University, Montreal, Qc, Canada
| francis at binkley.cs.mcgill.ca  

It is A_C_Elegans_DataBase. A compilation of genetic data and sequence data,
and other stuff.

A very nice approach to consolidating knowledge about an organism
designed for Gene Mapping, Sequencing etc.

See a recent NATURE article which describes the sequenceing of several
cosmids from C elegans. Sulston, J. et al., 1992, Nature 356, page
37-41. This has two sentences about ACEDB. Also there is much more
information and the complete database available for anonymous FTP from

Hope that helps

Frank Kolakowski

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Dave Baillie at Simon Fraser University not only sent information but let me
try it out over the INTERNET. 


Chris Upton

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