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>ACEDB : A C. Elegans Data Base.
>This database was developed, I _believe_, in Sulston's lab at
>the MRC. It runs on Sparcstations, and more recent work allows
>it to run on DECs,VAXs,SGIs, and (yes!!) NeXTs.
>The database contains all sorts of information on cosmids, YACs,
>RFLP data, mapping data, genetic data, bibliographic data, and even
>can contain scanned images. I have heard of it because a group
>at Harvard/MGH has modified to become AATDB (A Arabidopsis Thaliana
>Data Base). A Mac version will be available this year and will
>be distributed on CD-ROM.

Just for the record.

ACEDB was developed by Richard Durbin of the MRC, UK and Jean Thierry-Mieg
of the CNRS, France 

Currently ACEDB only runs under X-Windows and SunView, however the SunView
version is nolonger generately distributed. Other platforms are in the
works. For AATDB we don't modify the ACEDB software. Actually we like many
others have made suggestions that Richard and Jean have incorporated into
their fine database and interface. For AATDB we just had to produce the
"models" files or specification of the database contents. The same ACEDB
executible will run both AATDB and ACEDB and other databases that are in
the works. 

As for the last sentence quoted above - yes a Mac version is in the works
and the NCBI will be distributing the ACEDB database and software on
CD-ROM. Thats all thats for sure at this time. 

Mike Cherry
AATDB Project Manager
cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu

(AATDB is funded by the USDA via the National Agriculture Library)

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