IRIX version of GDE

Mon Apr 27 00:59:31 EST 1992

Reinhard Doelz writes, regarding GDE:

|> The GDE is a analysis tool designed primarily for nucleic and amino acid
|> sequence analysis. The GDE currently runs on SUN SparcStations using
|> OpenWindows 2.0 or MIT X11R4.  The programs use an expandable user interface
|> which allows the addition of external analysis functions without any rewriting
|> of code.  Analysis functions can be written in any language ('C',Fortran,
|> Pascal Basic, shell scripts), and can be seamlessly merged into the systems
|> menu/dialog box interface.
|> smith at nucleus.harvard.edu

> How difficult is it to port this software to Silicon Graphics' IRIX? 

> Did anyone try that or do you have such plans yourself? Interested? 

> Regards 
> Reinhard 

   I would also be very interested in an IRIX (4.0.1) version, even to the 
extent of helping in the port - when will (or will?) the source be made public?
   Looking forward to it!

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