New files on the UH Gene-Server

Gene-Server server at EVOLUTION.BCHS.UH.EDU
Tue Apr 28 21:28:45 EST 1992

New files on the UH Gene-Server include:

 37872 Apr 20 21:24 nih398-dos.uue PHS Form 398 DOS Word/ W4W/Excel format

  24144 Apr 20 21:28 nih392we2.hqx  PHS form 398, revised 1991,
  31906 Apr 20 21:28 nih398.hqx      as ms word/excel templates
  38294 Apr 20 21:28 nih398we.hqx     different formats
 232592 Apr 28 20:02 disinfectant28.hqx Latest Disinfectant GET THIS!
 292864 Apr 28 20:22 gopherapp.hqx D. Gilbert's Gopher application, nice!
   1926 Apr 28 20:22 gopherapp.readme
 932470 Apr 28 20:23 seqapp.hqx  Awesome seq. analysis by D. Gilbert,
   4063 Apr 28 20:24 seqapp.readme includes e-mail, net info retrieval
                                   BITNET USERS: NOTE SIZE OF FILE. YOU
                                   WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETRIEVE THIS
				   FILE. If this is a problem, contact
                                   davison at uh.edu
  27853 Apr 28 20:06 mailfasta2.2.shar Search db by e-mail

The software which appears on the bionet.software-sources newsgroup is
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appear on the FTP server. For normal FTP service, try
ftp.bio.indiana.edu or nic.funet.fi, the biosoftware FTP archive

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dan davison
gene-server manager

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