Recent msdos uploads to SIMTEL20 (19-Apr - 27-Apr 1992) (fwd)

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CONVEX.CSC.FI
Thu Apr 30 09:24:15 EST 1992

The following files have been recently uploaded to SIMTEL20
(between 19-Apr-92 and 27-Apr-92):
NOTE: Type B is Binary; Type A is ASCII
 Filename   Type Length   Date    Description
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.ASMUTL>
AMISL082.ZIP  B   43059  920426  Src lib to create highloading removable TSRs
PKEY11-1.ZIP  B  253468  920423  PowerKey1.01: Menuing system for AutoCAD, 1of3
PKEY11-2.ZIP  B  359198  920423  PowerKey1.01: Menuing system for AutoCAD, 2of3
PKEY11-3.ZIP  B  356834  920423  PowerKey1.01: Menuing system for AutoCAD, 3of3
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.BATUTL>
SASK135.ZIP   B   13781  920426  Asks question in BAT file, returns errorlevel
BBS0492B.ZIP  B   77176  920419  'THELIST' national BBS list for Apr., 1992
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.BIBLE>
GENAID.ZIP    B  227454  920427  KJV Bible book of Genesis study aid/reference
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.C>
SPAWNO41.ZIP  B  104952  920426  Disk/XMS/EMS/ext-swapping spawn.() replacement
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.CAD>
XFILL10.ZIP   B   34816  920423  Fill and reverse laserjet print files
BCAST101.ZIP  B  203913  920421  Daily Solar Geophys. database manager/analyst
FDVW233.ZIP   B   64384  920421  FoodView: view/print/index recipes (TROFF fmt)
REC200-1.ZIP  B  502272  920421  Recipe database for use with FoodView
DVCPY101.ZIP  B   66697  920419  DESQview-aware DOS copy replacement
DVINT30.ZIP   B   72732  920426  DESQview/Quarterdeck-specific interrupt list
SPAWN15.ZIP   B   43867  920426  Run DESQview jobs from DOS prompt
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DIRUTL>
DLXDR221.ZIP  B   13084  920421  Sorted DIR, 3 col, hid files, hebrew and more
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DSKUTL>
FM43.ZIP      B   88134  920425  FormatMaster: Menu-driven floppy disk format
MEGA113.ZIP   B  193135  920419  Patri-Soft's comprehensive disk system backup
PCOPY91B.ZIP  B  109363  920426  Patriquin COPY, file copier with many options
VDU.ZIP       B    8410  920427  Display directory tree with disk usage info
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.EDITOR>
CEDIT24.ZIP   B  439629  920419  Mouse-based Chinese word processor (EGA/VGA)
COLORBK.ZIP   B  121083  920427  EGA Coloring Book for kids, w/mouse support
TORG310.ZIP   B  172682  920421  Organic chemistry ID of unknowns simulator
ACCOUNTS.INF  A    1589  920419  Govt. & contractors can get SIMTEL20 account
SIMIBM.ARC    B  378707  920428  Comma-delim list of all MSDOS files w/descrip.
SIMLIST.ARC   B  335913  920428  Text format list of all MSDOS files w/descrip.
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.FILUTL>
GIP30.ZIP     B  113158  920426  Generic Installation Program, version 3.0
SUTIL268.ZIP  B   32520  920426  Multiple file copy/move/rename/delete utility
PFROI24.ZIP   B  221013  920421  Portfolio Manager for Brokers & Professionals
SVGA110.ZIP   B   62933  920427  Fast GIF/PCX/BMP viewer. Supports 4DOS, E/XMS
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.INFO>
AUTHOR05.ZIP  B    9247  920425  List of MS-DOS PD & SW author e-mail addresses
BESTPR22.ZIP  B    5512  920419  Timo Salmi's list of the best PC programs
IFP1P155.ZIP  B  119991  920421  InfoPlus v1.55: 21 screens of system info
IFP1S155.ZIP  B  120098  920421  TP & MASM source code for InfoPlus v1.55
INTER30A.ZIP  B  321289  920426  Comprehensive list of interrupt calls, part 1
INTER30B.ZIP  B  199889  920426  Comprehensive list of interrupt calls, part 2
INTER30C.ZIP  B  160498  920426  Prgs to convert interrupt list into hypertext
MODER03.ZIP   B    7215  920425  List of MS-DOS FTP sites and their moderators
PCHLP201.ZIP  B   53837  920426  TSR online help program for MS-DOS
WIN31.ZIP     B    2173  920425  Tech Note: Windows 3.1 & Quarterdeck Products
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.KA9Q-TCPIP>
INTRONOS.ZIP  B   25100  920426  Intro to TCP/IP on amateur radio by ag9v
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.LAN>
BINDUMP1.ZIP  B   10174  920426  Lists names of objects in Netware bindery
NETBDAY1.ZIP  B   21512  920426  Notify Netware users of birthdays at login
NWL004.ZIP    B   46080  920423  Novell Netware patches for NWLite V1.0
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.MODEM>
EZ138.ZIP     B  190468  920419  EZ-Reader for Qmail, v1.38 (PC Board/ProDoor)
MYCOMM12.ZIP  B  109359  920426  MyComm 1.2: Comm program with X/Y/Zmodem
PCTV3N1.ZIP   B   63872  920424  PC Techniques mag listings - April/May 1992
24ZAPHC.ZIP   B  193581  920424  Zaph chancery fonts for Ghostscript
GS241286.ZIP  B  156770  920424  Ghostscript v2.4.1 exe w/drvrs for 286/8088s
GS241386.ZIP  B  358846  920424  GS v2.4 exe w/drvrs, extend. mem on 386/486s
GS241PS.ZIP   B  373917  920424  Ghostscript v2.4 support files & .PS examples
PCPS702.ZIP   B   30720  920421  Print PC files on postcript ptr. Many features
BRYTHM.ZIP    B   20352  920421  Biorhythm template generator for Excel
SIMTEL20.INF  A   15694  920419  Complete overview of the SIMTEL20 archives
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.SYSUTL>
BOOTEX10.ZIP  B    1859  920421  System reboot examples, with C & ASM src
IOMON2.ZIP    B   35644  920426  IO Monitor 386 control watches COM ports
KGB104.ZIP    B    6571  920422  Monitors some DOS funcs, creates history w/src
MSUTIL10.ZIP  B   53359  920421  Assorted system & batch utils including SWITCH
SLASH2.ZIP    B    8422  920424  Allows switch-char change from /. Incl DOC
TLB-T200.ZIP  B   23075  920420  Tests PC for compatibility with TLB-V200.ZIP
TLB-V200.ZIP  B  381891  920420  The Last Byte Mem Mgr: (loads software high)
TLB-W200.ZIP  B    4946  920420  WHATSNEW files for The Last Byte Mem Mgr
HCOPY15.ZIP   B   66786  920425  COPY with virus protection, from Hilgraeve
HTSCAN17.ZIP  B   96473  920423  HTScan virus scanner v1.17; needs VSIGyy##.ZIP
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.TURBO-C>
FFTSING.ZIP   B   39970  920424  FFT of very long series (70000 data points)
TPP112.ZIP    B   49565  920423  C-like pre-processor for Turbo Pascal
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.TXTUTL>
PIL50KIT.ZIP  B   91980  920421  Publishing Interchange Language v5.0 source
TEA100.ZIP    B  184983  920426  TEA word search program for crosswords v1.00
TEABD100.ZIP  B   10261  920426  Dictionary database encoder for TEA v1.00
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.WAFFLE>
VAC14.ZIP     B   16813  920423  VACation: Automatic reply to email, for Waffle
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.WINDOWS3>
DR6WIN.ZIP    B  120320  920421  DR-DOS 6.0 update 4/92 needed for Windows 3.1
EZ-MAIL.TXT   A     713  920421  Brief description of EZ-Mail v2.01 mail reader
EZML201F.ZIP  B  383972  920421  EZ-Mail v2.01 mail reader for Windows 3.0
EZML201S.ZIP  B  176372  920421  EZ-Mail v2.01 mail reader for Windows 3.1
SAVEALL.ZIP   B    2643  920421  WPWin macro to save all docs that need saving
TTFONTA1.ZIP  B  295213  920421  True Type Fonts for Windows 3.1 (A*.TTF)
TTFONTH1.ZIP  B   34520  920421  True Type Fonts for Windows 3.1 (H*.TTF)
TTFONTI1.ZIP  B  152094  920421  True Type Fonts for Windows 3.1 (I*.TTF)
TTFONTL1.ZIP  B  117316  920421  True Type Fonts for Windows 3.1 (L*.TTF)
TTFONTM1.ZIP  B   21572  920421  True Type Fonts for Windows 3.1 (M*.TTF)
TTFONTN1.ZIP  B   50142  920421  True Type Fonts for Windows 3.1 (N*.TTF)
TTFONTU1.ZIP  B   51905  920421  True Type Fonts for Windows 3.1 (U*.TTF)
W31ET4.ZIP    B  501305  920425  Tseng 4000 SVGA drivers for Win 3.1 (256 col)
WINJPEG1.ZIP  B   70333  920420  .JPG viewer for Windows 3.x (crippleware)
WINPHN10.ZIP  B   19695  920421  WIN3: Comma delimited ASCII phone list viewer
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.ZIP>
ZIP10EXX.ZIP  B   45383  920423  Info-ZIP's free ZIP v1.0 export vers (EXE,doc)
SIMTEL20 files are also available from mirror sites OAK.Oakland.Edu
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See UUNET file uunet!~/info/archive-help for details.
OAK.Oakland.Edu is the most up-to-date mirror because I maintain it,
in addition to my duties at SIMTEL20.  I run OAK's mirror program
whenever new files are added at SIMTEL20.
If you cannot access them via FTP or e-mail, most SIMTEL20 MSDOS
files, including the PC-Blue collection, are also available for
downloading from Detroit Download Central (313) 885-3956.  DDC
has multiple lines which support 300/1200/2400/9600/14400 bps
(103/212/V22bis/HST/V32bis/V42bis/MNP).  This is a subscription system
with an average hourly cost of 17 cents.  It is also accessable on
Telenet via PC Pursuit and on Tymnet via StarLink outdial.  New files
uploaded to SIMTEL20 are usually available on DDC within 24 hours.
Public, private or corporate institutions and libraries interested in
the SIMTEL20 MS-DOS collection in CD-ROM format bundled with library
card-catalog type access and duplication software can contact Coyote
Data, Ltd. by mail at 1142 N. Main, Rochester, MI 48307 or by FAX at
(313) 651-4071.  Others who do not need the access and duplication
software should send e-mail to rab at sprite.Berkeley.EDU (Robert Bruce)
or telephone (510) 947-5996 for details on his CD-ROM offer.
Keith Petersen
Maintainer of the MSDOS, MISC and CP/M archives at SIMTEL20 []
Co-SysOp, Detroit Download Central 313-885-3956 (V22bis/HST/V32bis/V42bis/MNP)
Internet: w8sdz at TACOM-EMH1.Army.Mil     or       w8sdz at vela.acs.oakland.edu
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